"I have owned the Rain Guardian pretreatment chamber since 2010 as part of my boulevard rain garden.  In a single year the chamber collected 50 gallons of street debris that would have otherwise entered my rain garden and impaired its function.  It is simple to maintain, with just a shovel for emptying the chamber and a garden hose for cleaning the filter.  A Rain Guardian pretreatment chamber is a must for any rain garden."
          - Steve M., Resident
            St. Paul, MN

"The Rain Guardians provide very effective pretreatment along with efficient, simplified maintenance.  Rain Guardians have made pretreatment maintenance quick and easy while improving the water quality benefits of our treatment practices."
          - Noah Czech, Stormwater Compliance Specialist
            City of St. Cloud, MN

"The Rain Guardian is extending the useful life of our rain garden.  It's amazing how much sediment is captured and kept out of the rain garden, ensuring infiltration functions well.  The Rain Guardian is easy to clean and has been a great addition to the clean water function of our rain garden."
Jim Hafner, Retired Stormwater Manager and Resident
            Blaine, MN

"It's amazing, with just a 0.5" rain event each Rain Guardian captured two 5 gallon buckets full of sediment.  Maintenance is simple and can be accomplished in only minutes with minimal equipment and labor.  Sediment is scraped from the Rain Guardian using a flat-nosed shovel, filters are brushed, and the grate is dropped back in place."
          - Brian Sanoski, Urban Conservation Specialist
            Wright Soil and Water Conservation District