Drainage Area

Rain Guardians have designed overflow points to ensure water is not restricted from entering the biofiltration practice.  Routing large drainage areas to a single pretreatment chamber will simply result in the need for more frequent maintenance.

Garden Depth

Rain Guardian pretreatment chambers can easily be installed in bioretention practices with ponding depths shallower or deeper than 12”. In the case of a shallower practice, a simple course of retaining wall block creates a small area next to the chamber to allow installation at the proper elevation.  In deeper bioretention practices, a gradual slope can be used to transition from the base of the Rain Guardian to the base of the practice.  


Site-Specific Customization

The Rain Guardian pretreatment chamber can accommodate oversized inlets by installing two chambers side-by-side.

Rain Guardian placement and methods of routing water to the chamber are highly flexible and can therefore easily accommodate site-specific conditions (e.g. utilities and sidewalks).